in Monferrato,
at night
Who  in Monferrato  night  quest
The call of the earth

The search for roots,
firmly planted in the earth

of grapes and terroir

human knowledge.

in Monferrato
Agliano, Albugnano

That part of Piemonte,
between Monte Rosa e Monviso,
rich in biodiversity.

A land of vine growers,
witnesses and interpreters
of an ancient sea.


A summer night,
with our noses in the air
what happens in the vineyard
when night arrives?

Photosynthesis stops,
temperatures drop
the synthesis of tannins begins

grey and blue like the moon
dry and cold as the night
tannins are sidereal

it is in the darkness that we decide
the structure and elegance
of a red wine.

Vineyard, forest and breezes

Small vineyards
surrounded by forest

hills already in shadow
at 5 in the afternoon

rows well exposed
to the night breezes.


We have named our wines after the constellations that can be seen from our vineyards in beautiful season.


Visiting our vineyards on a summer night, looking up, the constellation Cygnus shines. This is the name we have chosen for our Barbera.


From August onwards, Pegasus begins to appear. That is the moment when we select the best bunches that will become our Barbera Superiore.


From top of Nebbiolo vineyards in Albugnano, gazing at the northern stars, on the horizon where the sky is close as if you can touch it, here’s Berenices.

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