Agliano, Monferrato (Piemonte)



Grape variety
Barbera is the most widely grown grape in Piemonte. It transmits strong red fruit scents to the wines, which can vary greatly in tone, depending on the soil, ripening and vinification techniques. Wines made from Barbera grapes can take on many nuances: it is Man who finds and highlights the “stylistic code” of each territory.
The vineyard is located in Agliano Terme; a particularly suitable area. Winemakers of the past used to say that here Barbera wines have a certain “ghèddu”. This archaic term from the Piedmontese language indicated a unique and graceful personal style. In fact, the wines from the south and south-eastern slopes of Agliano have great structure and, at the same time, are very elegant on the nose and palate. The soil of this vineyard is clayey, with some sandy veins. The position of this vineyard allows the rows of vines to receive shade as early as mid-afternoon; precious hours in which the temperature of the ripening grapes gradually begins to fall until the final cooling that comes from the evening breezes from the valley floor.
Vinification and Ageing
Transportation of the bunches in boxes. After destemming and crushing, vinification “in red” is carried out in temperature-controlled vats at 27°C, using selected yeasts. During maceration, frequent pumping over is carried out, with wetting of the “cap” of skins. At the end of malolactic fermentation, the wine is refined in steel tanks, and the bottles rest for a few months before distribution.
Tasting notes
Intense ruby-red coloured wine with purple highlights. The nose has a clear and persistent aroma of morello cherry and ripe raspberry. On the palate the wine is enveloping; the natural acidity of the Barbera grape gives a “crisp” and “vertical” sensation, well balanced by the structure and general softness. Harmonious. The same fruits are consistently found on the palate. Long and persistent aftertaste.